Maid Service Can Make Your Down Time More Enjoyable

The days of being able to have a true “homemaker” in the house have come and gone. Few households can afford to have someone stay at home to take care of things while only one salary comes into the home. For this reason, maid service has become a very attractive alternative to make sure that the home stays in respectable shape.
Depending upon how much people want to spend will dictate the level of maid service that they receive. Services range from one person that comes in and does the cleaning to companies that have an entire crew that specialize in different areas of cleaning. Here are some of the services that should be included in the various cleaning services.
Vacuuming – when a maid service vacuums, it should be more involved than a casual pass over the carpet. Furniture needs to be moved to make sure that they are getting the areas around and underneath. The furniture in the home should also be given the once over to make sure that there is no dust build up gathering in the fabric.
Windows – this is definitely something that should be verified as many services will not to any windows at all unless it is requested. If they do windows, they may not do the outside unless they add a charge. Ask very specific questions so that you don’t come home after the service has been completed and find that you still cannot see out of your kitchen windows.
General Cleaning – it goes without saying that general cleaning of all areas should take place. However, there are certain things that should also be included. Remember, you are paying for the service and you want to make sure that things that you don’t particularly care to do are being addressed. Things such as the inside and outside of the stove and the refrigerator are at the top of everyone’s list.
Shopping and Cooking – for the most part, few services will include this in their packages, but some of the more “full service” maid services will offer this as an upgrade. For those that are literally leaving at the crack of dawn and getting home when it is dark outside again, this can be great convenience. The maid service will shop and prepare a week’s worth of meals that only need to be defrosted or thrown into the microwave.
Pets – if the household has pets, you will want to be sure to let the maid service know this before they ever start. First, they may have cleaners that are allergic to certain animals. Second, pets require a more detailed cleaning of furniture and sometimes require that specific carpet and room deodorizers are used during the cleaning process.
When you are looking to make your life a little easier, maid services are a great alternative to daily house cleaning. Some people enjoy getting down and dirty and may only need a little help to keep the house in order. These services can usually be had for very little. However, there are more expensive services that are available that can you have you walking into an immaculate home each and every day.
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