Tips to Keep Your Carpets Clean

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No matter how careful you are, you’ll definitely encounter carpet mishaps somewhere along the way. Whether it’s a few drops of Chablis or perhaps some sauce splatters from your favorite pasta dish, knowing what course of action to take means the difference between refurbishing your prized floor decor into its former majestic glory or spending a fortune to get your hands on a new one.

Want to take your carpet maintenance skills to a whole new higher level? You’ve absolutely come to the right place. We have the finest carpet cleaning tips you have always wanted to get access to in a single click. Check out the following expert pointers right away to help you get started in a snap:

Use water to clean your carpet. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always have to resort to commercial cleaners brisbane just to make your carpet look as elegant and spotless as the day you bought it. Believe it or not, water is an effective cleaning agent that will help you get rid of light stains and blemishes with a bit of patience and a lot of elbow grease.


Check your pantry for carpet cleaning materials. Instead of emptying your bank account on mainstream carpet cleaning solutions, rummaging through your kitchen cabinets for good old�vinegar and�baking soda will surely help you clear away light to moderate stains in minutes. Want a more organic approach? You can also use the juice of two lemons for every cup of vinegar you’ll need.


Know your enemy, er, stain. Having a concrete idea what you’re dealing with is a very important factor in carpet cleaning. Unlike getting rid of clothing stains, carpet taints and blemishes can often be very tough to discern. Always remember to use your tactile senses to zero in on what type of stain you’re up with to accurately pinpoint which cleaning materials to use. Don�t hesitate to smell it if you have to. Seriously.

Keep clear from harsh detergents. Although nearly all laundry products can easily help you remove clothing stains and blemishes, they’d probably do more harm than good when used in carpets. Most laundry detergents contain a very high percentage of bleach and can easily strip your carpet’s fibers of color and texture even after just a quick wash. Use�dishwashing liquid as an alternative instead.


Always leave some time to dry the carpet. The average carpet requires 3 to 5 hours of drying time to make sure that all the moisture has been completely removed. Leaving your carpet even partially damp can eventually lead to the development of mold and mildew. Besides gradually ruining your prized floor decor, the chances of contaminating indoor air quality in your home is also very high.


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